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Sometimes countries give up some control of their own affairs to work together on goals they all share. This is a form of
a) Supranational cooperation
b) spatial equality
c) sustainable devleopment
d) economic activity

Which of these is the best definition of centripetal forces?
a) forces that pull people together
b) forces that drive people apart
c) forces that promote urbanization
d) forces that reduce land use conflict

The European Union began with the development of a
a) consumer class
b) plural society
c) common market
d) defense organization

How has the EU promoted economic cooperation across Europe?
a) reduced trade barriers
b) banned foreign imports
c) raised workers' salaries
d) ended business competition

Which of these is most likely to be a centrifugal force within the EU in the future?
a) pollution problems
b) cultural differences
c) trade barriers
d) closed borders

Which of these was not created to promote a European cultural identity?
a) EU Day
b) EU citizenship
c) EU flag
d) EU pledge

What four countries make up the United Kingdom?
a) England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
b) France Great Britain Spain Washington
c) Ireland England Spain Madrid
d) Canada Austria Sweden

What is Europe?
a) Country
b) city
c) state
d) continent

What do we call the study of human populations and how they change?
a) biodiversity
b) demography
c) life expectancy
d) human geography

Which of these statements is most likely true of a European country with a replacement rate under 2.0?
a) the population is growing older
b) the population is more diverse
c) the population is growing rapidly
d) the population is growing more poor

A country with an aging population is most likely to face rapidly rising costs for which of the following?
a) refugees
b) pensions
c) unemployment
d) pollution

Life expectancy is a measure of which of the following in a population?
a) the average age people become parents
b) the average age at which people retire
c) the average age at which people die
d) the average age people enter the workforce

Cash for babies, rising retirement ages, and family-friendly workplace policies are all responses to Europe’s declining
a) birthrate
b) life expectancy
c) living standard
d) migration stream

Italy has a total fertility rate of just over 1. Nigeria has a total fertility rate of more than 5. Which of these conclusions can be drawn from these facts?
a) Italy has a larger population than Nigeria
b) Nigeria's population is much younger than Italy's
c) More of Italy's people retire early
d) Women in Nigeria live longer than women in Italy

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