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What is the author's purpose for writing this selection?
a) to encourage the reader to become an astronaut
b) to help the reader appreciate the earth
c) to explain the solar system
d) to give information about islands

Coral is a kind of
a) rock
b) animal
c) plant
d) sand

The himalayas were formed when
a) the ocean floor was pushed up
b) huge pieces of the earth's crust were pressed together
c) huge lava flows were built up
d) two islands collided

The astronauts found that stars are brighter when they are seen from the moon because
a) the moon has no atmosphere to dim the light
b) Earth is farther away from the stars
c) Earth is whirling at 67,000 miles an hour
d) Earth is closer to the sun than the moon is

What excited the Apollo astronauts most about the sight of Earth?
a) It was home.
b) It was colorful.
c) It was in a black sea of space.
d) There was life on Earth.

space they see that the atmosphere is only a thin shell surrounding the earth. In this selection, atmosphere means
a) darkness
b) light
c) water
d) air

Which sentence best describes how people who have traveled in space feel about earth?
a) The earth is large and sturdy.
b) The earth's atmosphere is boundless.
c) The earth is one world for all people.
d) The earth is divided into many countries.

What is the atmosphere like for people on Earth?
a) barren and empty
b) large and overpowering
c) boundless and taken for granted
d) thin and light

What is the atmosphere like when it is seen from space?
a) a thick, protective barrier surrounding the earth
b) a thin shell surrounding the earth
c) barren and empty
d) red and blue

What part of the earth needs protection?
a) air
b) water
c) land
d) all of the above

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