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Which word describes stupid peopl?
a) dullards
b) entity
c) mausoleum
d) ominous

What word means a dead body?
a) depraved
b) dupe
c) corpse
d) detonated

What word means to be captured and taken away?
a) emaciated
b) ominous
c) abducted
d) deceitful

What word means threatening
a) ominous
b) mausoleum
c) effortlessly
d) outrageous

What word means a large burial place?
a) manifest
b) mastodon
c) mutant
d) mausoleum

Which word means speaking with pride?
a) mastodon
b) boasting
c) corpse
d) paranoia

Which word describes an idiot
a) cretin
b) dupe
c) vivid
d) ploy

Which word means died?
a) perished
b) vermin
c) captors
d) depraved

Which word means a feeling of great happiness?
a) vivid
b) corpse
c) euphoria
d) ominous

Which word means close friends?
a) commotion
b) cronies
c) mastodon
d) emaciated

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