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Where does the process of chemical digestion begin?
a) stomach
b) esophagus
c) small intestine
d) mouth

Water is extracted from digested food in the body primarily by the
a) bladder.
b) gallbladder
c) large intestine
d) mouth

The function of the excretory system is to help maintain homeostasis by
a) breaking down nutrients.
b) removing wastes.
c) absorbing nutrients.
d) preventing infection.

What passage carries food between the pharynx and the stomach?
a) small intestine
b) epiglottis
c) esophagus
d) large intestine

The stomach breaks down food into a soft, partially mixture called
a) pepsin
b) chyme
c) bolus
d) bile

The main organs of the excretory system are the
a) kidneys.
b) lungs.
c) intestines.
d) ureters.

A circulating fluid called __________ is pumped through a system of vessels in the body.
a) nervous
b) blood
c) blood vessels
d) hemoglobin

A slight scratch of the skin does not cause bleeding because the epidermis lacks ______________.
a) blood.
b) blood vessels.
c) hemoglobin.
d) nephrons.

The iron-containing protein called ______________ binds to oxygen in the lungs and transports it to tissues throughout the body, where the oxygen is released.
a) Hemoglobin
b) blood
c) platelets
d) white blood cells

Breathing is such an important function that your ___________ system will not let you have complete control over it.
a) digestive
b) nervous
c) excretory
d) circulatory

The functional units of the kidneys are the _____________.
a) nephrons
b) ureters
c) urinary bladder
d) renal vein

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