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What measuring tool would you use to measure 1 cup milk?
a) tablespoon
b) teaspoon
c) dry measuring cup
d) liquid measuring cup

This part of the recipe tells you what order to add the ingredients.
a) recipe
b) list of ingredients
c) directions/instructions
d) cookbook

A list of what you will need to make the dish/product.
a) recipe
b) list of ingredients
c) directions/instructions
d) cookbook

A written list of ingredients and directions for preparing a dish is called a ____________.
a) recipe
b) list of ingredients
c) directions/instructions
d) cookbook

Which is NOT a symptom of a food-bourne illness?
a) diarrhea
b) headache
c) nausea
d) red spots

The second rule in food safety is to keep food separate so you don’t cross ____________.
a) over
b) mix
c) contaminate
d) cut

__________ are used on top of the stove to cook in.
a) cake pans
b) sauce pans
c) brownie pans
d) glass bowls

What is used to keep track of how much time a product needs to bake?
a) timer
b) oven mit
c) strainer
d) pencil and paper

It is important to use a ________ when cutting with a knife so as not to damage the counter top.
a) plate
b) cookie sheet
c) paper towel
d) cutting board

What should you do first in the case of a minor burn?
a) call 911
b) go to the emergency room
c) run it under cold water
d) run it under lukewarm water

Make sure you use these when handling hot pans.
a) towels
b) pot holders
c) wash cloths
d) shirt tails

What is the first step in kitchen safety or the first thing you should do before cooking?
a) wash hands
b) read recipe
c) preheat the oven
d) talk to your kitchen group

When measuring dry ingredients it’s important to level your measurement by sliding a _________ _________ across the top.
a) straight edge
b) spoon
c) plate
d) scissors

When measuring liquids always look at the liquid at ______ level.
a) counter
b) eye
c) high
d) low

How many tablespoons are in 1 stick of butter?
a) 4
b) 6
c) 8
d) 10

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