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Which of the following is a unit of local government?
a) Municipalities
b) Towns
c) Districts
d) Villages

Which government unit adopts ordinances for Spotsylvania County?
a) General Assembly
b) City Council
c) House of Delegates
d) Board of Supervisors

In Virginia cities, which of the following creates ordinances?
a) The mayor
b) The city manager
c) The board of supervisors
d) The city counsil

Local laws are enforced in a town by the -
a) mayor
b) city council
c) board of supervisors
d) governor

Virginia's trial courts are its -
a) circuit courts
b) district courts
c) courts of appeals
d) magistrate courts

Which of the following is NOT a power held by Virginia's local government?
a) run public schools
b) regulate trade between the states
c) promote public health
d) promote public safety

What city official is hired by the city council to oversee day-to-day operations of government?
a) City manager
b) Sheriff
c) Mayor
d) Commissioner of Revenue

The Virginia Constitution requires that voters in every locality elect a -
a) county manager
b) superintendent of public schools
c) circuit court judge
d) commission of revenue

The Constitutional Officer who keeps records of legal documents is called a -
a) mayor
b) justice
c) clerk of the circuit court
d) Commonwealth's attorney

Virginia's local governments receive all their powers from the Virginia Constitution and the -
a) United States Constitution
b) United States Congress
c) Virginia General Assembly
d) Governor of Virginia

Which state best describes the powers of local government in Virginia?
a) Powers not granted to the states are reserved to the local governments
b) Local governments have all powers within their local governments
c) Local governments have only those powers granted to them by the state
d) Local governments share all of the powers of the state government

If an area in Virginia wants to become a city, who grants the charter?
a) Virginia Board of Supervisors
b) Governor of Virginia
c) Voters of Virginia in a general election
d) Virginia General Assembly

Which document lists the powers of the city of Richmond, Virginia?
a) The Constitution of Virginia
b) A statute
c) A charter
d) An ordinance

A city passes a law prohibiting loud parties after 10:00 p.m. What type of law is it?
a) Charter
b) Ordinance
c) Constitutional amendment
d) Ballot initiative

Passing ordinances and setting tax rates are typical duties of -
a) a small claims court
b) the governor
c) a mayor
d) a city council and board of superviors

Who has the greatest influence on the decisions made by the local government officials?
a) Congress
b) the General Assembly
c) individuals
d) the governor

The Department of Homeland Security has raised the threat level to yellow. Which agency in Virginia would take action because of this change?
a) Department of Environmental Quality
b) Office of Commonwealth Prepardness
c) Department of Business Assistance
d) State Boards of Elections

In regards to international issues, local governments -
a) sometimes becomes involved
b) do not need to intervene
c) are powerless to become involved
d) are tightly restricted by federal laws

Which of the following is NOT an issue of concern to local government?
a) responding to public health concerns
b) planning for the public safety in the event of an act of terrorism
c) developing an effective foreign policy
d) preparing economic development policies in response to the emerging global economy

Hurricane Irene has caused massive flooding and many citizens are trapped in their homes. Which agency would be called to help out in this situation?
a) The Virginia National Guard
b) The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
c) The Federal Reserve
d) The Electoral College

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