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The solar system formed from
a) an expanding galaxy
b) a giant cloud of gas and dust
c) an enormous explosion
d) a black hole

What makes up most of our universe?
a) known elements
b) black holes
c) dark matter and energy
d) the dark force

What is important about Hubble's discovery that there is red shift in the spectra of galaxies?
a) It suggests that the universe is expanding
b) It suggest that the universe is contracting
c) It proves the Big Bang Theory
d) It suggest the existence of black holes

What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
a) elliptical
b) spherical
c) irregular
d) spiral

What is a light year?
a) the distance light travels in a year
b) the speed of light in a year
c) the time it takes to travel to a star
d) the distance to the sun

A star moving away from Earth has a spectrum that is
a) losing its color
b) shifted toward the blue
c) shifted toward the red
d) unchanged

Energy from collision and pressure from gravity caused the center of the solar nebula to become
a) hotter and less dense
b) cooler and denser
c) cooler and less dense
d) hotter and denser

What is a galaxy?
a) stars, dust, and gases bound together by gravity
b) debris, dirt, and trash bound together by gravity
c) air, gas, and rock in the universe
d) planets, moons, and stars bound together by magnetism

The event which began the universe was the
a) Milky Way
b) Black Hole
c) Big Bang
d) Electromagnetic Spectrum

The universe began
a) 10 million years ago
b) 1 billion years ago
c) 14 billion years ago
d) 50 billion years ago

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