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An open and friendly manner is ... of this region.
a) personality
b) character
c) characteristic
d) individuality

The children have been as good as gold. So well-...
a) adjusted
b) dressed
c) intentioned
d) behaved

I thought his comment about my putting on too much weight was quite ...
a) sensitive
b) egotistical
c) tactless
d) cynical

Our decision to go on holiday abroad was very ... The weather at home was horrible.
a) sensible
b) selfish
c) sensitive
d) selfness

My sister is really self-... She can join in a group without any introductions.
a) centred
b) confident
c) controlled
d) absorbed

I read the newspapers every day because I like to be well-... about what's going on in the world.
a) informed
b) educated
c) known
d) brought-up

The ... paragraph gives the background to their research project.
a) beforehand
b) retrospect
c) bygone
d) preceding

These are very ... times, and it may be a while before everything returns to normal.
a) temporary
b) contemporary
c) rapid
d) turbulent

There has been a dramatic ... in the way we see modern society.
a) alteration
b) amendment
c) variation
d) shift

The graph shows a ... contrast between UK and US sales.
a) marked
b) slight
c) steady
d) noticed

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