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When the Civil War began, what was Abraham Lincoln’s main goal?
a) to abolish slavery
b) to punish the south
c) to restore the Union
d) to bring an end to the war

In which area did the South have an advantage over the North in the Civil War?
a) food production
b) civilian leadership
c) industrial capacity
d) military leadership

Which of the following abolished slavery in the North?
a) the Gettysburg Address
b) the Thirteenth Amendment
c) the Compromise of 1850
d) the Emancipation Proclamation

Why is the Battle of Gettysburg considered a turning point in the Civil War?
a) It made the South give up the idea of invading the North.
b) It divided the Confederacy.
c) It convinced the Confederacy to surrender.
d) It marked the first Union victory on the battlefield.

Which of the following quotations is from the Gettysburg Address?
a) 'We are not prepared for this suffrage. But we can learn.'
b) 'All persons held as slaves within any rebellion against the United States, shall be...forever free.'
c) 'The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.'
d) 'You are rushing into war with one of the most powerful....determined people on earth.'

What is the main reason that Lincoln did not respond with force to the Confederate threat to attack Fort Sumter?
a) He wanted the Union to fire the first shots in the war.
b) He wished to treat the Confederacy as a legitimate nation.
c) He did not want to anger Republicans and slave states still in the Union.
d) He had decided to abandon Fort Sumter.

Why was David Farragut’s victory in April 1862 so important?
a) It protected the Union capital from a Confederate takeover.
b) It advanced the Union plan to split the Confederacy along the Mississippi River.
c) It made the South give up the idea of invading the North.
d) It boosted morale throughout the South and prompted Lee to invade the North.

Which of the following was not an important advantage of ironclad ships?
a) They could resist burning.
b) They could withstand cannon fire.
c) They could splinter wooden ships.
d) They could travel much faster than other ships.

What was the stated aim of the Emancipation Proclamation?
a) to free all slaves in the United States
b) to free slaves behind Confederate lines
c) to free slaves in Union slave states
d) to enlist slaves in the Union army

What was Clara Barton’s role in the Civil War?
a) Red Cross volunteer
b) nurse on the battlefield
c) ordinary soldier
d) d. federal clerk

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