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You are legally an American citizen if you were
a) under 18 when your parents were naturalized.
b) naturalized.
c) born in the United States or its territories
d) all of the above

Citizens have the power to
a) disobey traffic laws without punishment.
b) refuse to pay taxes to local, state, and federal governments.
c) decide what government will and will not do.
d) make agreements with other countries.

Which of the following is not one of our rights as citizens?
a) paying taxes
b) practicing any religion
c) holding elected office
d) having a fair trial

Obeying laws and defending the nation are examples of
a) rights.
b) responsibilities.
c) duties.
d) needs.

In most criminal trials, the final decision about innocence or guilt is made by
a) a lawyer.
b) a judge.
c) a jury of peers.
d) a police officer.

All of the following are responsibilities of citizenship, except
a) speaking at government meetings.
b) being protected by our government.
c) voting for government representatives.
d) holding government office.

People do not play the role of citizen by
a) shopping for goods
b) running for office
c) volunteering in the community
d) keeping informed

citizen of one country living in another country
a) naturalized
b) alien
c) witnesses
d) candidate

decides whether the accused is innocent or guilty
a) social roles
b) jury of peers
c) witnesses
d) candidate

people chosen to act for fellow citizens in government
a) representatives
b) candidate
c) citizen
d) witnesses

well-being of all members of society
a) common good
b) rule of law
c) social roles
d) naturalized

people with information that may determine guilt or innocence of a person or trial
a) witnesses
b) citizen
c) rule of law
d) representatives

going through the process of becoming a citizen
a) naturalized
b) jury of peers
c) candidate
d) rule of law

roles played in real life
a) social roles
b) common good
c) alien
d) rule of law

concept of government of laws
a) rule of law
b) social roles
c) alien
d) citizen

person running for office
a) candidate
b) witness
c) alien
d) citizen

a person with certain rights and duties under a government
a) citizen
b) alien
c) candidate
d) representatives

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