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What happens to angular sediments the longer they remain in a stream?
a) They become more rounded
b) They become more angular
c) They do not change
d) They change composition

How can you tell that an area once had glaciers?
a) Transported soils will be on top of the local bedrock
b) Local soils will be on top of the local bedrock
c) V-shaped valleys
d) Barrier islands

Radial stream patterns occur
a) on steep-sided slopes
b) in faulted terrain
c) on gently sloping hillsides
d) in highlt- eroded areas

What type of weathering occurs in cold climates with moderate precipitation?
a) Frost wedging
b) Chemical weathering
c) Erosional weathering
d) Salt wedging

The Catskills are what type of landscape?
a) Plateau
b) Mountain
c) Plains
d) Lowlands

Thicker soils are most likely in
a) warm climates with a lot of precipitation
b) warm climates with little precipitation
c) cold climates with little precipitation
d) cold climates with average amounts of precipitation

Which agent of erosion will create the best sorting of sediments
a) Wind
b) Rain
c) Rivers
d) Glaciers

Which set of conditions will create the most runoff?
a) Steep slope and low permeability
b) Shallow slope and high permeability
c) Shallow slope and low permeability
d) Steep slope and high permeability

Which is not an example of mass movement?
a) Longshore transport
b) Soil creep
c) Rock falls
d) Earthflows

Streams erode sediment
a) at the outer bends of meanders
b) at the inner bends of meanders
c) at deltas
d) when they deposit sediment

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