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Terrestrial planets are relatively small, warm, and close to the sun. Which are terrestrial (inner) planets?
a) mercury, venus, earth, mars
b) mercury, earth, jupiter, saturn
c) jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune
d) jupiter, venus, earth, mars

Gas giant planets are relatively large, cold, and far from the sun. Which are the gas giant planets?
a) jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune
b) jupiter, venus, saturn, mars
c) mercury, venus, earth, mars
d) mercury, saturn, neptune, pluto

What causes thunderstorms?
a) the rising of cool, dry air
b) the rising of cool, humid air
c) the rising of warm, dry air
d) the rising of warm, humid air

An organism that can transform sunlight into chemical energy through photosynthesis is a(n) ________________________.
a) producer
b) consumer
c) decomposer
d) predator

Hereditary information is contained within __________ which are made of DNA and make up chromosomes.
a) nucleus
b) cells
c) eukaryotic cells
d) genes

Producers transform sunlight into chemical energy through ______________.
a) photosynthesis
b) cellular respiration
c) digestion
d) glucose

Cells perform specialized functions. Which cell would function similarly to a cell in the heart?
a) a muscle cell
b) a skin cell
c) a brain cell
d) a bone cell

If an object absorbs all wavelengths of light, it appears
a) white
b) black
c) rainbow
d) grey

A horizontal line on a Velocity vs. Time graph represents
a) increase in velocity
b) decrease in velocity
c) maintaining constant velocity
d) no motion

If an object appears red, we know that
a) it is reflecting red light
b) it is refracting red light
c) it is reflecting all wavelengths
d) it is absorbing all wavelengths of light

A horizontal line on a Distance vs. Time graph represents
a) increase in velocity
b) decrease in velocity
c) maintaining constant velocity
d) no motion

Dissolving, boiling point, color, and texture are examples of
a) physical properties
b) chemical properties

If Ryan dissolves 50 grams of salt in 1000 mL of water, what is the total mass of the salt water. (MATTER IS NEITHER CREATED NOR DESTROYED)
a) 50 mL
b) 1050 mL
c) 950 mL
d) 150 mL

A pure substance composed of one type of atom is considered a(n)
a) element
b) compound
c) mixture
d) homogeneous mixture

Rusting and burning are examples of
a) chemical change
b) physical change

Are science and technology reciprocal, meaning they correlated and dependent on each other?
a) Yes
b) Yes
c) Yes
d) Yes

If Sean is testing how diet pills on sample groups of 100 people each, what would be the independent/manipulated variable?
a) weight lost
b) how many people are in the study
c) diet pills
d) how long it takes to lose weight

Eric is testing whether fertilizer affects plant height. Plant A: No Fertilizer. Plant B: Fertilizer #1. Plant C: Fertilizer #2. Plant D: Fertilizer #3. Which is the control?
a) Plant A
b) Plant B
c) Plant C
d) Plant D

Which of the following is an example of a quantitative observation?
a) the percentage of butterflies completing migration
b) the color pattern on a certain species of butterfly
c) the texture of butterfly wings
d) the sound sound butterfly wings make

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