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Mr. Sanchez owns a store that sells sports equipment. What type of business does he have?
a) proprietorship
b) partnership
c) corporation
d) market

Investors are only liable for the amount of investment in a _____.
a) corporation
b) proprietorship
c) sole-proprietorship
d) partnership

Which answer choice is NOT a way the U.S. government promotes competition?
a) promotes due process
b) enforces anti-trust laws
c) encourages global trade
d) supports new businesses

Bill Gates took a risk and opened Microsoft. He is an example of a ____.
a) entrepreneur
b) dictator
c) partnership
d) director

What kind of laws are meant to limit monopolies?
a) anti-trust laws
b) monopoly laws
c) global laws
d) trade cap laws

Increased competition often leads to lower prices and ____.
a) better quality
b) lower quality
c) no change in quality
d) balanced equality

Jim Bob and Marianne opened a restaurant. They started a ___.
a) partnership
b) corporation
c) sole proprietorship
d) proprietorship

Which of the following is a synonym for global?
a) worldwide
b) local
c) state
d) national

You can buy stock in Disney and Coca-Cola. These companies are ___.
a) corporations
b) partnership
c) proprietorship
d) sole proprietorship

Who is the best teacher?
a) Hodges
b) Hodges
c) Hodges
d) Hodges

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