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Creates a Track Stack for the selected tracks
a) Command-Shift-S
b) Command-Shift-D
c) S
d) D

Selects all
a) A
b) Command-A
c) S
d) Command-S

Hides or shows all the plug-in windows
a) H
b) S
c) V
d) B

Joins the selected regions
a) J
b) Command-J
c) R
d) Command-R

Creates a software instrument track
a) S
b) T
c) Command-Option-S
d) Command-Option-T

Opens the Smart Controls
a) S
b) C
c) B
d) V

Opens the Piano Roll
a) P
b) R
c) Command-P
d) Command-R

Opens or closes the Musical Typing window
a) K
b) Command-K
c) M
d) Command-M

Creates a new empty project
a) N
b) Command-Shift-N
c) P
d) Command-Shift-P

Closes the current project
a) C
b) Command-Option-C
c) W
d) Command-Option-W

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