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The structures that secrete digestive enzymes into the stomach of a grasshopper are the
a) salivary glands
b) gastric ceca
c) pancreas
d) Malpighian tubules

The organs that act as the excretory organs in the grasshopper are the
a) nephridia
b) green glands
c) Malpighian tubules
d) kidneys

The function of the gizzard is to
a) store food
b) grind food
c) secrete digestive enzymes
d) absorb nutrients

The organ for hearing in an insect is its
a) ocelli
b) spiracles
c) palps
d) tympanum

The legs and wings of an insect are attached to its
a) head
b) thorax
c) abdomen
d) cephalothorax

How many legs do insects have?
a) 1 pair
b) 2 pairs
c) 3 pairs
d) 4 pairs

The uniramian exoskeleton is made of
a) chitin
b) calcium carbonate
c) silica
d) bone

What are the body segments of an insect?
a) head and thorax
b) thorax and abdomen
c) head, thorax, and abdomen
d) cephalothorax and abdomen

The openings to the respiratory system are the
a) spiracles
b) tracheae
c) pharynx
d) bronchi

Which stage is not part of complete metamorphosis?
a) egg
b) larva
c) nymph
d) pupa

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