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Which Amendment requires the state of Virginia to guarantee each resident due process rights?
a) 1st Amendment
b) 5th Amendment
c) 6th Amendment
d) 14th Amendment

What must a police officer have before he or she can make an arrest?
a) Judicial Review
b) Summons
c) Sentence
d) Probable cause

Which of the following court cases could NOT be appealed to a higher court?
a) A criminal case with a 'guilty' verdict
b) A criminal case with a 'not guilty' verdict
c) A civil case where the plaintiff won
d) A civil case where the defendant won

Which of the following below would be considered a CRIMINAL case?
a) A case where the defendant refused to follow their contract.
b) A disagreement between neighbors over a broken fence
c) A case involving trespassing and vandalism
d) A case where the plaintiff sued the defendant

Ashleigh was arrested for breaking a federal law. Which amendment guarantees that the NATIONAL government will protect her due process rights?
a) 1st Amendment
b) 4th Amendment
c) 5th Amendment
d) 14th Amendment

Which of the following is an example of a DIFFERENCE between juvenile and adult cases?
a) Only adults have the right to a lawyer
b) Only adults have juries
c) Only juveniles have the right to hear their charges
d) Only adults have the right to remain silent

Which of the following is an example of original jurisdiction?
a) The Supreme Court ruling in favor of Miranda
b) The US Court of Appeals ruling on a case
c) The VA Supreme Court ruling that the defendant's rights were not violated
d) The Circuit Court finding Mr. Smith guilty of a felony

Molly got sick because Popeye's did not cook her chicken all the way. What would be her reason to sue them?
a) To receive an apology
b) To get money to compensate for medical expenses and time off work
c) To charge the restaurant with a felony
d) To prove probable cause

If a customer in Virginia sued a company in Pennsylvania, which court would have original jurisdiction over the case?
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) General District Court
c) VA Court of Appeals
d) U.S. District Court

Which of the following DOES NOT happen during the arraignment hearing?
a) Defendant enters the plea
b) Lawyer is assigned
c) Probable cause is reviewed
d) The verdict is read

What is the job of the judge/jury during a CIVIL case?
a) Determine if the defendant is responsible
b) Decide if the plaintiff is responsible
c) Decide if the defendant is guilty
d) Decide if the plaintiff is guilty

What is it called with the prosecution tries to accuse someone of a crime after a 'not guilty' verdict?
a) Probable cause
b) Double jeopardy
c) Due process
d) Checks and balances

In a CRIMINAL trial, it is the job of the jury to decide if the -
a) Plaintiff is responsible
b) Defendant is responsible
c) Prosecutor is guilty
d) Defendant is guilty

New evidence was found in a murder tried in the Virginia Court System. What would happen next?
a) Request a new trial in the Circuit Court
b) Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court
c) Appeal to the VA Court of Appeals
d) Appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals

Which is an example of a misdemeanor?
a) Murder
b) Stealing gum
c) Kidnapping
d) Not doing your study guide

If a person committed armed robbery, what kind of case would that be?
a) Criminal
b) Civil

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