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A 20 g bullet hit a target and slows to a stop from a velocity of 2500 ft/s in .3 seconds. Which what force does the bullet his the target?
a) 166.67 N
b) 50.8 N
c) 16666.67N
d) 0 N

Which has more momentum?
a) a train as rest
b) a baby crawling across the floor
c) a parked dump truck
d) a baby sleeping

During a collision, the forces on the objects are...
a) more for the heavier object
b) more on the light object
c) always zero
d) equal to on both objects

A 92 kg fullback, running at 5.0 m/s, attempts to dive directly across the goal line for a touchdown. Just as he reaches the line he is met head-on by two 150-kg linebackers moving at 2.0 m/s. Solve for the velocity of the entangled players.
a) -.284 m/s
b) -.357 m/s
c) -140 m/s
d) -.66 m/s

A 90 kg student and 60 kg student are on roller skates at rest; face to face. After they push off from each other the 90 kg student moves to the left with a velocity of 3 m/s. Solve for the final velocity of the 60 kg student.
a) 3.0 m/s
b) 4.5 m/s
c) 5.8 m/s
d) 7.3 m/s

Tony Siragusa has a mass of 154 kg and runs with a velocity of 2 m/s. He hits 91 kg Joe Namath who is running towards him with a velocity of 4 m/s. Solve for the final velocity of the entangled players.
a) -.544 m/s
b) -.615 m/s
c) -.228 m/s
d) -.850 m/s

A train of mass 200 kg moves with a velocity of 100 m/s to the right. The train collides with a car of mass 50 kg which is stopped on the track. After the collision, the train comes to a stop. Solve the final velocity of the car.
a) 200 m/s
b) 300 m/s
c) 400 m/s
d) 500 m/s

A car of mass 750 kg travels at 40 m/s to the right. The car collides with a 1200 kg truck which is traveling at 35 m/s to the right. The two interlock as a result of the collision. What is the final velocity of the car-truck system?
a) 72.0 m/s
b) 40.0 m/s
c) 36.9 m/s
d) 35.0 m/s

A 175 kg ball moves with a speed of 25 m/s to the right. The ball collides with a second 185 kg ball moving in the same direction with a speed of 22 m/s. After the collision, the speed of the 185kg ball is 18 m/s to the right. New of 175kg ball?
a) 84.45 m/s
b) 29.23 m/s
c) 2.23 m/s
d) 9.34 m/s

A 1650 kg car travels with a velocity of 30 miles/hour and hits a wall. The wall applies a force and causes the car to travel backwards at a speed of 2 mph in 0.5 seconds. What force does the wall apply on the car?
a) -28.6 N
b) -56 N
c) 25 N
d) 3.14 N

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