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How did the civil war start?
a) At Fort Sumter
b) What's the Civil War
c) When the South seceded
d) When Lincoln was elected

Which of the following was NOT an advantage for the North?
a) Railroad miles
b) Factories
c) Better generals
d) More people

What were the war strategies of the two sides?
a) Create a blockade and fight a defensive war
b) Anaconda Plan and King Cotton
c) Control the rivers and create a blockade
d) Force Europe to help and create a blockade

Why was a soldier more likely to die from disease than from battle?
a) Because they had contaminated food and water
b) Because doctors didn't understand the importance of hygiene
c) Because there were many disease carrying insects
d) All of the above

How did rifles and minie balls change fighting?
a) Rifles are more accurate and minie balls cause more damage
b) Rifles were the first guns, so the soldiers could stop fighting with swords
c) No one used rifles. Everything was fought by hand
d) Rifles took a long time to load, so your fate was tied to who could load their weapon faster

What is a border state
a) A state the borders yours
b) A state the borders the ocean
c) A slave state that borders both the Union and the Confederacy
d) A state that has a border

Why did the Civil War start?
a) Because of slavery
b) Because Lincoln got elected
c) Because the South seceded
d) Because of the war with Mexico

Why did the North use a blockade?
a) To be able to shoot at the South from the ocean
b) To intimidate the South
c) To show the South how much better the Northern ships were
d) To keep the South from being able to gain any assistance from overseas

Who was the President of the Confederate States of America?
a) Jefferson Davis
b) Robert E. Lee
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Abraham Lincoln

Why was Virginia's succession so bad for the North?
a) Virginia has lots of people and they would fight for the South
b) Virginia is where Washington D. C. is
c) Robert E. Lee is from Virginia and he is a great general who could lead soldiers to victory
d) Who cares if Virginia seceded

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