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A bridge that crosses a small river was damaged by a flood. After engineers repair the bridge, which engineering procedure should be performed next?
a) test the strength of the bridge
b) build a small-scale model of the bridge
c) identify how fast the water in the river travels
d) measure the width of the river

During a solar eclipse, the sun and the moon appear to have exactly the same diameter. Which best explains this phenomena?
a) The sun has a greater gravitational attraction than the moon because it is larger.
b) The moon is larger than the sun but appears to be the same size because it is slightly closer to Earth.
c) The moon is smaller than the sun but appears to be the same size because it is much closer to Earth.
d) The sun travels closer to Earth than the moon because of its elliptical orbit.

Which most likely occurs in a 24-hour period?
a) The moon rotates once on its axis.
b) Earth rotates once on its axis.
c) The moon rotates once around Earth.
d) Earth rotates once around the sun.

When the atmosphere is warmed by the sun, a change in air pressure results in
a) clouds
b) humidity
c) precipitation
d) wind

Which best explains the cause of currents that move north from the equator?
a) Cold water at the poles rises and moves toward the tropics.
b) Warm water at the equator rises and moves toward the poles.
c) Warm water near the coastline rises and moves toward the poles.
d) Cold water deep in the ocean rises and moves toward the tropics.

A student observes a clear sky and a temperature reading of 35o Celsius at 8:00 a.m. What is the most likely prediction about the day’s weather?
a) The day's weather will be snowy.
b) The day's weather will be rainy.
c) The day's weather will be hot.
d) The day's weather will be cold.

Designers of building materials need to test the strength and flexibility of a new material. They will stack cement blocks on top of the material to see how much force the material can withstand until it bends. Which tool will best test the strength
a) microscope
b) thermometer
c) stopwatch
d) spring scale

A student heats different volumes of water in glass beakers and times how long it takes for the water temperatures to return to room temperature. Which tool should be used to measure the volume of the water?
a) graduated cylinder
b) meter stick
c) stopwatch
d) thermometer

A student wants to determine if different colored boxes produce the same temperature as a white box. The student places white, blue, and red boxes of the same size in the sunlight. A thermometer is placed inside each box. The student observes and rec
a) size of the boxes
b) repeated trials
c) color of the boxes
d) recorded temperatures

A tennis ball is hit with a tennis racket across a tennis court. Which tools are needed to measure the speed of the tennis ball and the distance it travels?
a) balance scale and beaker
b) measuring tape and microscope
c) ruler and graduated cylinder
d) stopwatch and measuring tape

A student conducts an investigation that uses a simple circuit connected to a buzzer. Which test will best determine if the connection of the circuit to the buzzer is successful?
a) observe if the circuit is able to produce light
b) listen for sound produced by the buzzer
c) use an ammeter to find out if current flows through the circuit
d) use a thermometer to find out if heat is released by the buzzer

Scientists want to make rice healthier for humans. The scientists insert a gene found in bean plants into rice plants. The inserted gene increases the iron content of the rice. What is an intended benefit of this technology?
a) making the rice grow faster
b) making the rice pest resistant
c) giving the rice an improved flavor
d) giving the rice a greater nutritional value

Which is the best example of adaptive engineering and why?
a) a person using Braille keys on an automated teller machine (ATM), because it helps overcome a disability
b) a person listening to a global positioning system (GPS) navigator that has a computer-voice output, because it helps a person
c) a computer-controlled laser that reshapes the lens in a person’s eye, because it causes permanent changes
d) a smoke and carbon monoxide detector flashing a light, because it warns a person about possible danger

Which of these has the greatest effect on the location of a high tide on Earth?
a) speed at which Earth revolves
b) distance between the sun and Earth
c) strength of the magnetic field of Earth
d) position of the moon as it orbits Earth

Which statement best describes the role of the sun in creating wind?
a) The rays of the sun push air in all directions, creating wind.
b) The radiation of the sun reacts with water over the ocean, creating wind.
c) The energy of the sun heats land and water surfaces unevenly, creating wind.
d) The energy of the sun directly heats the gases in Earth’s atmosphere, creating wind.

Movement of ocean currents is mainly caused by
a) the magnetic field of Earth.
b) temperature differences in the water.
c) the gravitational pull from the sun.
d) runoff of fresh water from land.

Which correctly describes a year?
a) he time it takes for the Moon to complete its orbit around the Earth
b) the time it takes for Earth to complete its orbit around the Sun
c) the time it takes for the hours of daylight to increase
d) the time it takes for the hours of daylight to decrease

What kind of eclipse occurs when the Moon goes dark?
a) lunar eclipse
b) solar eclipse
c) waning crescent eclipse
d) waxing gibbous eclipse

Which helps to create global winds?
a) The poles receive less radiation from the Sun than the equator.
b) The equator receives less radiation from the Sun than the poles.
c) Cool, dense air tends to sink creating low atmospheric pressure.
d) Warm, rising air has high atmospheric pressure.

You hear that cumulonimbus clouds are moving toward your town. What weather event is most like to occur?
a) fair weather
b) air mass
c) thunderstorm
d) high pressure

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