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Amaya bought five steaks. The steaks varied in price based on their weight. The individual cost of the steaks were: $14.50, $13.95, $14.99, $12.75, $16.95. The closest estimate to the total cost of those five juicy steaks is:
a) $100
b) $50
c) $75
d) $80

Which division problem does not have the same quotient as 7.8 x 3.9?
a) 78 / 39
b) 7.80 / 3.9
c) .78 / .039
d) .078 / .039

A group of hungry teachers from Clague went to Kroger. The teachers spent $15.20 altogether. Each teacher spent $1.90 (big spenders). How many teachers were in this group?
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9

The Clague girls' softball team went out to Seva's to celebrate their victory. The bill came to $72. What would be the amount of a 15% tip on this bill?
a) $7.20
b) $10.80
c) $9.00
d) $14.40

Four stores are having a sale on DVDs. Which store is offering the best deal?
a) Store 1: $3 off the regular price of $18.99
b) Store 2: 10% off of the regular price of $18.99
c) Store 3: 15% off of the regular price of $18.99
d) Store 4: 1/4 off of the regular price of $18.99

During gym class, Sela jumped 4.5 feet. Sebastian jumped 3.72 feet. How much further did Sela jump than Sebastian?
a) 1.22 ft
b) .82 ft
c) .78 ft
d) 1.78 ft

Mrs. Badel stopped at Zingerman's to buy lunch. She bought a delicious turkey sandwich $2.40, a bag of pretzels for $0.70 and a lemonade for $1.10 (Zingerman's was having a HUGE sale). How much did she pay for her lunch?
a) $4.00
b) $4.20
c) $5.00
d) $4.40

Which product is the smallest?
a) 0.3 x 0.4
b) 0.03 x 0.04
c) 0.3 x 0.004
d) 0.003 x 0.04

After which digit would the decimal be placed in the following product? 2.4 x 51.44 = 123456
a) After the 1
b) After the 2
c) After the 3
d) After the 4

How many decimal places are in the quotient of 3.75 / 0.25?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

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