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What is the driving force behind the Water cycle?
a) sun
b) moon
c) ford escape
d) motor

What is polluting Russia's water?
a) Nick Coffman
b) Factories
c) chicken farms
d) dirt

Whitch one of these is NOT part of the water cycle?
a) evaporation
b) precipitation
c) combustion
d) transpiration

What is the excess of CO2 in the atmosphere causing?
a) climate change
b) high winds
c) earthquakes
d) economic deficit

How is there an excess of carbon in atmosphere?
a) eating fish
b) burning fossil fuels
c) over farming
d) breathing

What does Spain require in new homes?
a) turtles
b) bricks
c) moat
d) solar water heater

Witch one of these is part of carbon cycle?
a) precipitation
b) lighting fixation
c) combustion
d) transpiration

What is the over use of nitrogen fertilizers causing?
a) resurrection of christ
b) cleaner rivers
c) mean fish
d) algae blooms

Witch ways is nitrogen NOT fixed?
a) lightning
b) legumes
c) industrial
d) through animals

What is the annual fertilizers sales in California?
a) 800,000 tons
b) 10 pounds
c) 1 trillion tons
d) 666 cows

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