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Which phrase best describes a humid, temperate climate?
a) cold winters, hot summers, little rainfall
b) hot temperature, lots of rain
c) hot and cold temperatures with little rain
d) cool winters, warm summers, ample rainfall

If an air mass moves into an area, what will probably happen?
a) ocean levels will decrease
b) weather will change
c) climate will change
d) pollution will increase

Which of the following is produced by using raw materials
a) natural gas
b) steel
c) iron
d) gold

In a tundra climate, plant life includes
a) shrubs and cacti
b) evergreens or deciduous forests
c) tropical plants and rain forests
d) mosses or no vegetation

By predicting the path of a hurricane or tornado, scientists hope to
a) understand what causes severe droughts
b) control where a storm will hit
c) lessen the damage created by a storm
d) figure out of a storm is a typhoon

Which phrase best defines weather?
a) the condition of the atmosphere at a particular time
b) the condition of the atmosphere for a period of one year
c) the condition of the atmosphere over a long period of time
d) the condition of the atmosphere for a period of six months

The average condition of the atmosphere over a period of time is called?
a) climate
b) humidity
c) weather
d) precipitation

What is the main way to protect animals and plants?
a) city planning
b) storm prediction
c) habitat preservation
d) climate change

One example of a biological resource is
a) gold
b) rivers
c) oil
d) turtles

What are marine protected areas?
a) estuaries habitats that are overpopulated
b) coral reef habitats that are close to Australia
c) ocean habitats that can grow if people aren't allowed in them
d) shallow ocean habitats that are recovering from hurricanes and its effects

What is the Endangered Species Act?
a) A United States act that protects the habitats of endangered species.
b) United Nations act that protects the habitats of endangered species
c) A law that gives the United nations the power to protect African jungles
d) An African law that imposes jail time for illegally killing animals.

What phrase defines raw material?
a) resources that never end
b) resources that are limited
c) materials used to make other things
d) living things

What can help ocean habitats recover?
a) pollution is stopped
b) polluters are fined
c) human impact is limited
d) add more marine life

One way people harm the oceans is by
a) breeding marine life to improve fishing
b) creating ocean currents that affect climate
c) exploring marine life during boating expeditions
d) polluting

Temperature includes everything but
a) ocean currents
b) climate
c) large bodies of water
d) latitude

Prevailing winds are?
a) winds coming from one direction that blow most of the time
b) winds that blow toward a mountain
c) winds that blow away from a mountain
d) winds that reverse directions with seasons

Climate includes all of the following except
a) elevation
b) temperature
c) prevailing winds
d) ocean currents

factors that affect precipitation include all of the following except
a) prevailing wnds
b) mountain ranges
c) seasonal winds
d) latitude

If the weather forecaster talks about a warm, humid front, what weather will occur?
a) wind storm
b) a flood
c) a blizzard
d) thunderstorm

Winds that usually blow in one direction in a region?
a) seasonal winds
b) prevailing winds
c) monsoon winds
d) sea winds

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