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What is the density of a gas with a volume of 5 mL and a mass of 25 g?
a) 0.15 g/mL
b) 5 kg/L
c) 5 g/mL
d) 0.2 g/mL

All group 18 elements are called __________________
a) Noble gases
b) Alkali metals
c) Alkaline Earth metals
d) Transition elements

Which of the following is a mixture
a) iron shavings
b) calcium tablets
c) tank of helium
d) steel pipe

How many atoms are in the compound CH4?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 2
d) none

What force holds the nucleus of an atom together?
a) weak force
b) strong force
c) gravity
d) electromagnetic force

Which elements are most similar
a) Na and H
b) Ba and Cl
c) Br and Kr
d) Ar and Kr

A red rose will look red because it
a) reflects red light
b) absorbs red light
c) mixes light
d) it just is that color

Melting candle wax is a ________________ change.
a) chemical
b) irreversible
c) physical
d) easy

If an atom is neutral, the number of protons is equal to the number of
a) neutrons
b) electrons
c) quarks
d) positrons

Who developed the concept of buoyant force?
a) Newton
b) Einstein
c) Galileo
d) Archimedes

What happens to the particles (in terms of speed) when a substance is heated?
a) They speed up
b) They slow down
c) They are unaffected
d) You cannot add heat to the particles

What do you call a group of charged particles that move together as one thing?
a) Molecule
b) Atoms
c) Monatomic Ion
d) Polyatomic Ion

How many neutrons does Carbon have?
a) 12
b) 8
c) 7
d) 6

What category of elements contain properties of metals and nonmetals?
a) Metalloids
b) Groups 1 and 2
c) Transition metals
d) Noble gases

Which solid type has atoms that are arranged in repeating patterns?
a) Amorphous
b) Hard solids
c) Crystalline
d) Liquids

What is the result of physically combining substances so that each substance maintains its chemical properties?
a) Compound
b) Mixture
c) Element
d) Atom

What is the upward force acting on a compound in a fluid?
a) Buoyancy
b) Weight
c) Gravity
d) Floating

Milk souring is an example of a ___________________ change.
a) Physical
b) Chemical
c) Nasty
d) Color

Chlorine has _________________ neutrons.
a) 18
b) 17
c) 35
d) 0

The atomic number of an atom is always equal to the number of what subatomic particle?
a) Quark
b) Electron
c) Neutron
d) Proton

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