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What is the most accurate relationship between enegy and power?
a) power requires energy
b) power and energy are the same thing
c) energy and power are forms of matter
d) power does not require energy

Machines can _______________.
a) increase energy
b) transfer energy
c) convert energy
d) transfer energy and convert energy

During photosynthesis, plants ____________.
a) combine carbon dioxide with oxygen
b) use light energy to produce new substances with chemical energy
c) convert thermal energy into kinetic energy
d) break down food molecules to release energy

Because work and energy are so closely related, they are both expressed in ______________.
a) calories
b) kilocalories
c) Calories
d) Joules

When one object does work on another, energy is ___________________.
a) destroyed
b) transferred
c) created
d) all of the above

When you turn on a light bulb, you convert __________________________.
a) potential energy into electrical energy and light energy
b) electrical energy into kinetic energy and light energy
c) electrical energy into light energy and thermal energy
d) chemical energy into light energy and thermal energy

In a coal fired electrical power plant, the original form of energy is ___________.
a) mechanical
b) electrical
c) nuclear
d) chemial

At what point does a roller coaster have the greatest potential energy?
a) the top of the biggest hill
b) the bottom of the biggest hill
c) the top of the smallest hill
d) the bottom of the smallest hill

kinetic energy depends on _____________.
a) mass and volume
b) speed and weight
c) weight and height
d) speed and mass

In many nuclear-powered electrical power plants, the original energy comes from _______________.
a) the turbines
b) the electrical wires
c) disintegrating radioactive atoms
d) the breaking of chemical bonds

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