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How is power distributed between the central regional governments in Canada?
a) Unitary System
b) Confederated System
c) Federal System
d) None of These

Before the French Indian War, which two european nations claimed land in Canada as a part of their colonial empires?
a) Portugal Spain
b) France Germany
c) France Britain
d) France Spain

Which of the following best describes the government of Canada?
a) Presidential Democracy, but not a Constitutional Monarchy
b) Presidential Democracy Constitutional Monarchy
c) Parliamentary Democracy Consitutional Monarchy
d) Parliamentary Democracy, but not a Constitutional Monarchy

The United States, Canada, Mexico established the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) for what purpose?
a) To create trade barriers like tariffs and quotas.
b) To stop the spread of communism.
c) To protect North America from foreign military invasions.
d) To make trade easier by removing barriers like tariffs.

Why would a country put a tariff in place?
a) To make foreign goods seem cheaper
b) To make foreign goods more expensive
c) To make domestic goods less attractive to consumers
d) None of These

Acid Rain affects parts of southeastern Canada. What causes this?
a) air pollution from factories cars
b) volcanic activity
c) erosion
d) the cold weather

Where is mining related pollution a major environmental issue in Canada?
a) along the St. Lawrence River
b) In the forests of western Canada
c) in the Rocky Mts.
d) around the Canadian Shield

Which of the following natural resources can be found in Canada?
a) Arable Land
b) Timber/Wood
c) Minerals
d) All of These

Which region of Canada would have the SMALLEST population density and why?
a) North It is too Cold
b) North It is too Hot
c) South It is too Hot
d) South It is too Cold

Which of the following is NOT an important trade/transportation corridor used by Canada?
a) St. Lawrence River
b) Great Lakes
c) Rhine River
d) Pacific Ocean

Where do most Canadians live in Canada why?
a) Northern Canada, because the climate is temperate.
b) Eastern Canada, because that's where all the farmland is.
c) Southern Canada, because of a warmer climate.
d) Western Canada, because it is the only place where people can find jobs.

In which Canadian Province would be most likely to find seperatists that would like their province to be an independent country?
a) Ontario
b) Quebec
c) Manitoba
d) Alberta

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