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Heads of the thirteen departments
a) Customs service
b) attorney general
c) secretaries

Investigates federal crimes
a) Customs Service
b) FBI
c) Bureau of Prisons

Which department helps farmers borrow money?
a) Treasury
b) Commerce
c) Agriculture

Which department of concerned with our nation's workers?
a) Labor
b) Agriculture
c) Justice

The Department of ________ helps maintain cooperative relationships with other countries.
a) State
b) Justice
c) Treasury

Which department regulates the sale of fuel and electricity?
a) Commerce
b) Education
c) Energy

Which department is concerned with business and trade?
a) Commerce
b) Treasury
c) Energy

The Department of Housing and Urban Development takes care of
a) storms, earthquakes, and floods.
b) the nation's cities

The Immigration and Naturalization Service, a part of the Department of Justice, patrols our __________
a) borders
b) homes
c) lakes

The President's ________ includes heads of fourteen executive departments.
a) cabinet
b) branch
c) agency

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