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What happened as a result of mass production during the Industrial Revolution?
a) A. factories needed fewer workers to produce goods
b) B. workers produced more goods in a shorter time
c) C. the price of goods went up because of demand
d) D. manufactured goods lasted for a long time

What invention led to major, rapid advances in travel by boat and train?
a) A. cotton gin
b) B. power loom
c) C. steam engine
d) D. steel plow

The Mexican law that angered the Americans living living in Texas was they could not
a) A. move west
b) B. form an army
c) C. farm land
d) D. own slaves

What land did the Mexican Cession give to the United States?
a) A. Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and Louisiana
b) B. Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota
c) C. California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah
d) D. Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma

What did the War Hawks blame Great Britain for?
a) A. defeating America on the open seas
b) B. winning the Battle of New Orleans
c) C. Native American attacks on frontier settlements
d) D. trying to gain control of Canada

What did President Jefferson ask Lewis and Clark to do?
a) A. explore the source of the Mississippi River
b) B. explore the western land and study Native American cultures
c) C. meet with the French ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte
d) D. stop the British from claiming land in Canada

What right did Elizabeth Cady Stanton and some women fight for in the 1800s?
a) A. the right to read
b) B. the right to fight
c) C. the right to work
d) D. the right to vote

Which river marks the eastern border of the Louisiana Purchase?
a) A. Arkansas River
b) B. Columbia River
c) C. Mississippi River
d) D. Missouri River

What was the purpose of the Underground Railroad?
a) A. to move cotton to the factories
b) B.to help slaves escape to freedom
c) C. to transport supplies to the pioneers
d) D. to help immigrants move to America

What impact did the War of 1812 have on America?
a) A. Great Britain lost all control of Canada.
b) B. Texas gained its independence from Spain.
c) C. Britain gained control of New Orleans
d) D. American feelings of nationalism grew.

Who was Sojourner Truth?
a) A. a white abolitionist from the north
b) B. conductor on the Underground railroad
c) C. author who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
d) D. a former slave and women's rights reformer

Who was Elizabeth Cady Stanton?
a) A. a wife of a president who saved the portrait of George Washington from burning during the War of 1812
b) B. a conductor on the Underground Railroad
c) C. a woman who fought for women's suffrage and organized the Seneca Falls Convention
d) D. a former slave who fought for women's suffrage

Why was the Louisiana Purchase an important event?
a) A. It was won in a war against the French.
b) B. It led to the War of 1812 with Great Britain.
c) C. It doubled the size of the United States.
d) D. It was land claimed by the Spanish king.

Why were canals important in the 1800s?
a) A. They created a demand for steamships.
b) B. They decreased the cost of shipping goods.
c) C. They led to the discovery of inland waterways.
d) D. They lowered the water levels for rivers.

What was the starting point of the Oregon Trail?
a) A. Ft. Kearney, Kansas
b) B. Independence, Missouri
c) C. Oregon City, Oregon
d) D. Mississippi River

What was one major result of the California Gold Rush?
a) A. Native Americans killed the miners and took away their land.
b) B. Most o the people went back east after the Gold Rush.
c) C. All the people became rich from finding gold.
d) D. California had enough people to become a state.

What man-made waterway goes east to west across New York State?
a) A. The Hudson River
b) B. The Atlantic Ocean
c) C. Lake Ontario
d) D. The Erie Canal

Why did settlers want to cross the Appalachian mountains?
a) A. The land on the east coast was full with farms and cities.
b) B. The trip across the mountains seemed adventurous.
c) C. They were looking for more gold and silver.
d) D. They wanted more religious freedom.

What mountain Range did Lewis and Clark cross and explore in the western part of the United States?
a) A. Appalachian Mountains
b) B. Sierra Nevada Mountains
c) C. Georgia Mountains
d) D. Rocky Mountains

What inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem?
a) A. the end of slavery in the United States
b) B. American's willingness to fight for freedom
c) C. the welcoming of immigrants to America
d) D. American independence in the Revolutionary War

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