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What type of organization coordinates with a community's hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues to help their business plan large meetings and conferences?
a) Local convention and visitors bureau
b) Local retail travel agencies
c) National tourism boards
d) State commerce associations

Shane oversees a lodging facility's accounting activities, which position does he have?
a) Controller
b) Cashier
c) General manager
d) Human-resource director

Which department should a front-desk clerk work with to help guests move their luggage from the hotel lobby to their sleeping rooms?
a) Bell services
b) Valet
c) Concierge
d) Chauffeur

Dee, a hotel guest, needs additional towels and linen. Which department should the hotel night manager work with to obtain additional towels and linens for the guest?
a) Housekeeping
b) Room service
c) Maintenance
d) Purchasing

What type of chart would Jason, a hotel manager use to show the relationships among the divisions and departments?
a) Organizational
b) Scatter
c) Analytical
d) Composition

What departments are part of a resort's food and beverage division?
a) Banquets and restaurants
b) Purchasing and catering
c) Room service and marketing
d) Sales and concierge services

Why is it important for tour-company employees from different departments to work together to satisfy tourists' needs?
a) To achieve the company's goals
b) To maximize negotiation leverage
c) To improve the company's brand
d) To monitor trends in the tourism industry

Which division of a resort maintains the property's pool, gym and exterior grounds?
a) Engineering
b) Controller
c) Rooms
d) Human resources

Barry wants all hotel employees from the different departments to work together. Which would be the primary reason for him to accomplish this goal?
a) To solve guests' problems
b) To obtain pay raises
c) To eliminate workplace stress
d) To reduce the need for supervision

Due to the interrelationship of the departments, the general manager manages to accomplish which common goal?
a) To serve the hotel guests
b) To entertain banquet guests
c) To maintain an attractive facility
d) To provide a high-quality dining experience

How can all the departments of a hospitality and tourism business provide its guests/clients with the best service possible?
a) Communicate with one another
b) Develop strict sales policies
c) Focus on the bottom line
d) Embrace an indifferent attitude

What type of tourism organization is funded by the state- or local-level tax dollars?
a) Government agency
b) Professional development association
c) Sole proprietorship
d) Chamber-of-Commerce

A hotel front-desk clerk worked with an accounting employee to resolve an issue with a guest's bill. What does this situation exemplify?
a) The importance of teamwork
b) The need for confidentially
c) The importance of planning
d) The need to stay organized

To which hotel division do the reservations, telecommunications and guest registration departments typically report?
a) Front office
b) Engineering
c) Food and beverage
d) Sales and marketing

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