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What type of government is controlled by a religious leader?
a) Democracy
b) Theocracy
c) Autoctatic
d) Unitary

The basic rights and liberties of humans such as the freedom of speech are what type of freedom?
a) Freedom to talk
b) Religious Freedom
c) Country's Frredom
d) Personal Freedom

What type of government does Saudi Arabia have if their leader is a king?
a) Monarchy
b) Dictatorship
c) Unitary
d) Parliamentary

If a company sells many different products it is ________ it .
a) identical
b) simular
c) Diversified
d) productive

What type of economy is the combination of market and command?
a) Traditional
b) Command
c) Mixd
d) Market

What is it called when people run their own busimness?
a) Private Enterprise
b) Public Enterprice
c) Marketing
d) Selling

What is it called if the .S. places a tax on all goods imported from Japan?
a) Quota
b) Surplus
c) Embargo
d) Tariff

There is a restriction on the amount of goods imported from Mexico. This is called a _______.
a) Tariff
b) Quota
c) Surplus
d) Embargo

When a country forbids trade with another country it is call an ___________.
a) Embargo
b) Surplus
c) Tarriff
d) Quota

When a company produces more then they need, they will have a ____ of that product.
a) Shortage
b) Surplus
c) Tarriff
d) Embargo

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