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Who brought most of the food to the first Thanksgiving?
a) the Pilgrims
b) the Native Americans
c) the Jamestown colonists
d) the sailors

What food do many Americans eat on Thanksgiving today?
a) turkey
b) steak
c) tamales
d) bacon

When do we celebrate Thanksgiving now?
a) The fourth Thursday in October
b) The fouth Thursday in November
c) the first Thursday in October
d) the first Thursday in December

We still celebrate a day just like the Pilgrims. We call that day
a) Christmas
b) New Years
c) Halloween
d) Thanksgiving

Who did the Pilgrims invite to their big celebration?
a) the sailors
b) the Native Americans
c) the King of England
d) the Jamestown colonists

What happened to half the Pilgrims their first year?
a) They went back to England.
b) They found gold.
c) They died.
d) They had babies.

How did the Native Americans help the Pilgrims?
a) They taught them to plant corn and to fish.
b) They left them alone.
c) They did not help them.
d) They gave them new boats.

Was life difficult for the Pilgrims in Plymouth Colony? Why?
a) No, they had everything they needed.
b) Yes, many of them died.
c) No, they had many celebrations.
d) Yes, they had no friends.

The past tense of eat is
a) eated
b) ate
c) ated
d) eats

The past tense of come is
a) comed
b) coming
c) came
d) camed

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