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In western Europe, the Middle Ages began after the collapse of which empire?
a) Mughal
b) Roman
c) Ottoman
d) Byzantine

The European feudal system was
a) designed to promote political and economic equality
b) controlled by a powerful middle class
c) intended to provide opportunities for social mobility
d) supported by the labor of the peasants

Medieval life in Europe was characterized by
a) limited social mobility
b) a strong central government
c) a thriving system of international trade
d) rejection of the teachings of the Christian Church

In western Europe during the early Middle Ages, education declined as a direct result of the
a) rediscovery of classical Greek civilization
b) loss of power of the Christian Church
c) fall of the Roman Empire
d) rise of absolute monarchs

Which economic system existed in Europe during the Middle Ages?
a) free market
b) socialism
c) manorialism
d) command

The Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages in Europe can best be described as a church that
a) favored separation from secular governments
b) avoided involvement in social and educational matters
c) was a strong force that divided many people
d) was a stabilizing influence during a period of weak central governments

Desire to be released from feudal obligations; defense of the Holy Land; forgiveness of sins; desire for wealth from the Middle East. All of these things are similar because they are all
a) reasons for the Reformation
b) European motives for fighting in the Crusades
c) Causes of the Fall of the Roman Empire
d) Reasons for the Split Between the Eastern and Western Churches

A direct result of the Crusades was that
a) the pope lost control of the church
b) Europeans increased their demands for goods from the East
c) Christians gained permanent control of the Holy Land
d) nobles gained power over the monarchs

What was one direct result of the Crusades?
a) Trade increased between Europe and the Middle East
b) Islamic kingdoms expanded into Europe
c) Arabs and Christians divided the city of Jerusalem between them.
d) Alexander the Great became a powerful leader in Eurasia

All things were under its domain...its power was such that no one could hope to escape its scrutiny. ....Which European institution during the Middle Ages is best described by this statement?
a) the guild
b) knighthood
c) the Church
d) the nation-state

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