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If you spread rumors about classmates on Facebook, you are guilty of
a) larceny
b) libel
c) burglary
d) robbery

Which amendment protects your right to a grand jury hearing?
a) 5th
b) 6th
c) 8th
d) 14th

Why is the process of discovery important for civil and criminal cases?
a) It gives prosecutors time to create fake evidence against you.
b) It gives your lawyer time to figure out how to get you out of trouble.
c) It gives defendants time to file a complaint.
d) It gives both sides time to gather evidence for their side of the story.

How is the court system different for juveniles and adults?
a) Juveniles don't get jury trials.
b) Adults don't get fingerprinted when arrested.
c) Juveniles can't be tried for felonies.
d) Adults don't get tried for misdemeanors.

If you steal a classmate's phone while threatening them, you are guilty of . . .
a) larceny
b) burglary
c) libel
d) robbery

When would a plaintiff accept a settlement?
a) If they believe they have a great chance of winning their case.
b) If mediation fails.
c) If they are accused of arbitration.
d) If they believe they have a chance of losing their case.

The 8th Amendment protects people accused of crime from . . .
a) Cruel and unusual punishments
b) Being denied a speedy public trial
c) Not having a lawyer to defend them
d) Due process of law

If you are on trial, which of the following is a right you have under the Constitution?
a) have a reasonable bail set
b) have a lawyer defend you
c) question witnesses who are accusing you
d) all of these

How many of the jurors must agree that you are guilty or not guilty to create verdict?
a) all 8
b) more than half of the 8
c) all 12
d) more than half of the 12

If you are on trial and you are acquitted, what does it mean?
a) The jury believes you did not commit the crime.
b) The jury believes you committed the crime.
c) You have been sentenced to only parole.
d) You have been sentenced to the maximum amount of time.

What is the goal of the juvenile justice system?
a) To punish juveniles for crimes they did not commit.
b) To unfairly punish juveniles.
c) To rehabilitate them and get them back on track.
d) To create juvenile delinquents

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