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Which event is most closely associated with the end of the Great Depression?
a) passage of the Social Security Act
b) beginning of World War II
c) reelection of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940
d) announcement of the Marshall Plan

In the 1920s, which economic factor led to the Great Depression?
a) lack of investment in the stock market
b) attempt by the United States to promote free trade
c) failure to develop new consumer goods industries
d) overproduction of farm products and manufactured goods

Which situation was a basic cause of the Great Depression?
a) continued increases in wages for workers
b) excessive profits for farmers
c) overregulation of the stock market
d) overproduction of consumer goods

An important factor contributing to the start of the Great Depression in the United States was the
a) increase in military spending
b) failure to maintain the gold standard
c) reduction of tariff rates
d) uneven distribution of wealth

In 1929, 4 million automobiles were made in the US. In 1932, 1 million were made. In 1937, 4 million were made....Which conclusion can be drawn based on those numbers?
a) The level of automobile production remained constant
b) The average American family found the automobile too expensive to purchase
c) By 1929, most of the automobiles in the world were produced in the United States
d) Changes in economic conditions led to changes in automobile production

When the Great Depression began in 1929, the most common economic belief supported by the Republican Party was that
a) an increase in defense spending would stimulate the economy
b) unemployed workers should receive Federal unemployment benefits
c) the government should assume control of industry
d) the economy would recover on its own

Which speaker best expresses the main idea of rugged individualism?
a) Speaker A: The business of America is business, and we would be wise to remember that.
b) Speaker B:Government ownership of business is superior to private enterprise.
c) Speaker C:Strict government regulation of business practices is a means to insure the public good.
d) Speaker D:Only through personal effort can wealth and success be achieved.

During the 1920s, which economic trend helped cause the Great Depression?
a) buying goods on credit
b) saving rather than spending
c) continuing shortages of consumer goods
d) imposing low tariffs on imported products

What is the name of the high tariff that played a major role in causing the Great Depression?
a) Tarff of 1928
b) Hawley-Smoot Tariff
c) McKinley Tariff
d) Tariff of Abominations

A significant cause of the Great Depression of the 1930’s was that
a) some banking policies were unsound and had led to the overexpansion of credit
b) a decrease in protective tariffs had opened American business to competition from abroad
c) a wave of violent strikes had paralyzed the major industries
d) consumer goods were relatively inexpensive

Which economic trend of the 1920s helped cause the Great Depression?
a) widening income gap between the rich and the poor
b) rising cost of mass-produced goods
c) rising cost of mass-produced goods
d) increasing income tax rates

Which conditions are most characteristic of an economic depression?
a) high unemployment and overproduction
b) large business investments and low taxes
c) too much money in circulation and high stock prices
d) high employment and increased real estate investments

Which factor contributed most to this conversation --- Economist: ''Why didn't you save during the good times?'' Poor Man:''I did!''
a) low tariff rates
b) shortages of consumer goods
c) nonregulation of banks
d) creation of a national bank

Which economic factor was a major cause of the Great Depression?
a) purchase of stocks on credit (buying on the margin)
b) increases in taxes on business
c) reduction of tariffs on imports
d) failure to produce enough consumer goods

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