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a) are risks
b) are not necessary
c) are goals to work toward
d) prevent a consequence

Intellectual health includes all but which of the following?
a) expanding your knowledge
b) practicing good hygeine
c) stretching your mind
d) problem solving

Which is the least important factor when making a decision?
a) effect on personal self-esteem
b) what your friends will say
c) the effect on your personal health
d) what your family has to say about the situation

Drinking and driving
a) is a reasonable risk
b) does not affect your health
c) is an unreasonable risk
d) is a consequence

Environmental health includes all but the following?
a) not littering
b) coping effectively with stress
c) caring about the world around you
d) recycling

Occupational health includes all but which of the following?
a) developing functional skills
b) finding work that uses your abilities
c) volunteering in areas where you can be a help
d) practicing acceptance

An achievement to work toward is a
a) goal
b) precaution
c) consequence
d) decision

Mental health includes all but which of the following?
a) maintaining satisfying relationships
b) coping with stress
c) practicing optimism
d) learning to appreciate art

The confidence and worth that you feel about yourself is your
a) something you can not control
b) not at all related to health
c) your self-esteem
d) a life-style factor

Spiritual health includes all but which of the following?
a) reading self help books
b) finding peace and harmony in the world
c) looking for a deeper meaning in life
d) seeking purpose in what you do

What is the overall state of well-being or total health?
a) holistic
b) wellness
c) healthful
d) maintainence

What is the average number of years a group of people is expected to live?
a) quality of life
b) holistic living
c) life span
d) life expectancy

What are the repeated behaviors related to the way you live?
a) holistic behaviors
b) quality behaviors
c) life-style behaviors
d) well behaviors

What is the sliding scale that spans the range of health from poor to healthful?
a) quality factor
b) wellness scale
c) health continuum
d) life expectacny

Which of the following is not an influencing factor on your wellness?
a) how much money you make
b) heredity
c) environment
d) life-style factors (behaviors)

What is the chemical in the brain which controls our pleasure center?
a) dopamine
b) adrenaline
c) testosterone
d) exoclopene

Which type of risk puts you outside of your box; it creates personal growth?
a) negative risks
b) positive risks

Which of the following behaviors will hinder achieving your goals?
a) be disciplined
b) give little effort
c) take positive risks
d) get organized

What word would best describe the health continuum?
a) dynamic
b) static
c) never-changing
d) constant

Of the influencing factors on your health, which is most influential?
a) your heredity
b) your behaviors
c) your environment
d) your culture

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