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Why were Matryoshka dolls originally made?
a) People like finding surprise after surprise when they oped the dolls
b) They were religious
c) Little girls needed dolls
d) Russia has a lot of wood and crafts were common

What is the economic level od development for Russia?
a) Developing
b) Developed
c) underdeveloped
d) undeveloped

3 countries that border Russia are...
a) Europe, China, Mongolia
b) China, Mongolia, Ukraine
c) Mongolia, Asia, Europe
d) China, Asia, Europe

the Russian tiaga is....
a) A desert
b) A cold, distant farmland
c) the forest
d) a large animal

What is the name of the trasnportation Barrier that divides Russia into Eastern and Western parts?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Volga River
c) Ural Mountains
d) The Klemin

What is the name of the longest river in Russia?
a) Volga River
b) Mississippi River
c) Caspian Sea
d) Euphrates River

Starbucks in Russia is an example of...
a) Westernization
b) Cultural Diversity
c) Cultural Diffusion
d) Good Business

What is the concept of sharing agriculture called?
a) Subsistence Farming
b) Collective Farming
c) Sharing Farming
d) None of the Above

What are Russia's primary exports?
a) Oil, wood, wheat
b) Wheat, oil, fish
c) Wood, wheat, fish
d) Oil, wood, fish

When 2 or more countries depend on one another for imports, this is called...
a) Diversity
b) Seperation
c) Interdependence
d) Independence

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