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What do the vacuoles do?
a) They hold vacuums.
b) They hold water.
c) They are vacuums.
d) They have candy in them.

What do the chloroplasts do and what cells are they found in?
a) They do photosynthesis in animal cells.
b) They make ATP in animal cells.
c) They make ATP in animal cells
d) They help do photosynthesis in plant cells.

What do lysosomes do?
a) They eat invaders.
b) They make proteins.
c) They protect the nucleus.
d) They make lipids.

What does the nucleus do?
a) It is the sub-commander of the cell.
b) It protects the ER.
c) It is the commander of the cell.
d) It eats invaders.

What are nucleic acids?
a) C, H, O, P.
b) C, H, O, P, N.
c) C, H, O, N.
d) C, H, O.

What are protein?
a) C, H, O.
b) C, H.
c) C, H, O, P, N.
d) C, H, O, N.

What are lipids?
a) C, H, O.
b) C, H.
c) C, H, O, P, N.
d) C, H, O, N.

What are carbohydrates?
a) C, H, O.
b) C, H.
c) C, H, O, P, N
d) C, H, O, N.

What does a Mitochondria do?
a) It makes ATP from food.
b) It digests food.
c) It is for puking.
d) It is useless.

What does a Ribosome do?
a) It makes lipids.
b) It makes nucleic acids.
c) It makes proteins.
d) It makes carbohydrates.

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