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The factor that the scientist changes in an experiment is known as
a) control
b) result
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

What does a blue diamond represent on a safety diamond?
a) fire
b) reactivity
c) health hazard
d) special hazard

Kim is testing the effects of different soil types on plant growth. There are three groups of plants used. The group that has the soil that is normally found in the ground is the _________ group.
a) experimental
b) control
c) variable
d) data

Which is NOT an example of a scientist acting ethically?
a) A scientist uses the findings of many other scientists to guide him in his research.
b) A scientist discovers that information he previously reported in a scientific journal is incorrect. He then lets others know.
c) A scientist is trying to get a drug approved for his company and he changes his data to make his drug look more effective
d) You see the scientist change his data and report him to the scientific community.

When Kim looks at the growth of her three sets of plants, the heights of the plants is the _________ variable.
a) data
b) dependent
c) independent
d) control

What type of footwear is required in the lab?
a) Shoes are optional
b) Hard-soled, covered shoes
c) sandals
d) something in a low heal

Something that you witness with you five senses is a(n) ________________.
a) answer
b) hypothesis
c) observation
d) theory

The scientific method always begins with an observation, problem, or
a) question
b) answer
c) hypothesis
d) result

Which is NOT a way that scientists share their data with the scientific community?
a) science expos
b) Instagram
c) scientific publications (articles)
d) science conventions

The pea plants grew an average of 3 inches with the new fertilizer. This is an example of:
a) qualitative data
b) quantitative data
c) an hypothesis
d) we cannot determine this without more information

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