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What is a benefit of networking your computer with other computers
a) Increase speeds
b) Sharing of cables to cut down on expenses and clutter
c) Sharing of resources to cut down on the amount of equipment needed
d) Increase the speed of the network

When shopping online, do not forget to add the cost of _____.
a) Shipping
b) Software
c) Monitor
d) Internet fees

_____ lets computers talk to each other.
a) storage
b) microprocessor
c) network
d) RAM

_____ refers to how fast a computer works.
a) Performance
b) Memory
c) ROM
d) Modem

Which of the following is a good question to ask yourself when you see an ad for a computer?
a) Will this fit on my desk?
b) Are these the features they advertised on TV?
c) How many bytes of ROM will I need?
d) What extra features might I need?

What costs are usually not included in the price of a computer?
a) application software, Internet service, and repairs
b) Internet service, the warranty, the operating system
c) software, repairs, and hardware
d) Internet service, the warranty, and RAM

If you only needed a basic computer to do word processing and e-mail, what kind of computer would you need?
a) A computer with a lot of RAM
b) A computer with an average size hard drive
c) A computer with lots of storage space
d) A computer with a DVD burner

What is a column?
a) The box that tells you which cell is selected
b) A table of data in Excel
c) A horizontal line of cells
d) A vertical line of cells

What is a row?
a) A vertical line of cells
b) A calculation that describes the relationship between cells
c) A file that holds your worksheets
d) A horizontal line of cells

A table of data that is organized into rows and columns is called a _____.
a) workbook
b) worksheet
c) range
d) cell

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