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What will happen to light waes that strike the surface of a window?
a) They will be absorbed.
b) They will be reflected.
c) They will be refracted.
d) They will pass through the window.

How are light and sound alike?
a) Both travel as rays.
b) Both can vary in pitch.
c) Both depend on the vibrations in air.
d) Borth are forms of energy that travel as waves.

A trumpet and tuba are blown with the same amount of effort. They sound different because
a) they produce different pitches.
b) they have different amplitudes.
c) they are made of different materials.
d) they have different volumes.

Ben wants to open a life with the least force. What should he use as a lever?
a) clothesline pulley
b) doorknob
c) screwdriver
d) woodscrew

Suppose Earth's mass increased. What would happen to the force of Earth's gravity?
a) It cannot be predicted.
b) It would stay the same.
c) It would become weaker.
d) It would become stronger.

Which is the best piece of safety equipment to use while mixing chemicals?
a) fire extinguisher
b) smoke detector
c) goggles
d) graduated cylinder

Why is the water cycle a system?
a) It brings rain to help crops grow.
b) The sun heats water on the ground.
c) It has parts that work together.
d) Rain can turn into snow.

What color are the hottest stars?
a) orange
b) red
c) blue
d) yellow

Why does the su appear brighter to us than the other stars?
a) It is brighter than all of the other stars.
b) It is closer to Earth than other stars.
c) Yellow stars always appear brighter than other stars.
d) The moon reflects the sun's light and makes it look brighter.

Earth rotates on its
a) poles
b) axis
c) equator
d) orbit

How long does it take for the Earth to rotate once?
a) 12 hours
b) 20 hours
c) 24 hours
d) 36 hours

Where does the sun rise?
a) in the north
b) in the east
c) in the south
d) in the west

Where does the sun set?
a) in the north
b) in the east
c) in the south
d) in the west

During which phase is the moon a bright, round circle in the sky?
a) first quarter
b) new moon
c) third quarter
d) full moon

Which phase comes right before full moon?
a) new moon
b) third quarter
c) waxing gibbous
d) waning gibbous

In some tropical zones, the seasons are based MOSTLY on changes in
a) precipitation
b) temperature
c) daylight and darkness
d) vegetation

Which is not one of the inner planets?
a) Earth
b) Venus
c) Uranus
d) Mercury

What is water in the gaseous state called?
a) ice
b) frost
c) water vapor
d) latent water

What happens to water during evaporation?
a) It freezes.
b) It absorbs heat.
c) It melts.
d) Heat is taken away.

What are puffy white clouds we see in fair weather?
a) stratus clouds
b) cirrus clouds
c) cumulonimbus clouds
d) cumulus clouds

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