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How much should you be willing to give to God?
a) Some of your time
b) Half of your time
c) 3 hours a week
d) All of my time

Jesus bought you, how much of you did he buy?
a) A little bit
b) Just the part that goes to heaven
c) Every single piece
d) My stinky feet

How much of his food did the Lad share?
a) Some
b) Three pieces
c) All
d) None

How many baskets of Barley Fragments did they gather after the Miracle?
a) 9
b) 22
c) 100
d) 12

Jon Bought a happy meal, how much of it is his?
a) Half
b) two pieces
c) All
d) Just the toy

How many fishes did the lad have?
a) 5 fishes
b) 4 fishes
c) 8 fishes
d) 2 Fishes

How much bread did the Lad have?
a) 1 loaf
b) 2 Loaves
c) 4 Loaves
d) 5 Loaves

What Text were we in today?
a) John 6:1
b) James 6:6
c) Jude 1:1
d) John 6:6

When I buy something how much of it belongs to ME?
a) Some of it
b) Just the parts I want
c) All of it
d) None of it

How many hours are in a week
a) 168
b) 112
c) 24
d) 400

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