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What type of scientists use fossils to reconstruct the history of life before humans existed?
a) fossilologists
b) dinosaurologists
c) sedimentologists
d) paleontologists

Fossils provide evidence that Antarctica was once located
a) at the north pole.
b) near the equator.
c) at the south pole.
d) where it is now.

The continents may once have formed one landmass called Pangaea which means
a) all seas.
b) puzzle.
c) all Earth.
d) landmass

J. Tuzo Wilson’s theory of how huge pieces of Earth’s crust are pushed around by forces within the planet is called
a) continents.
b) crust tectonics.
c) plate tectonics.
d) Pangaea.

What are imprints of living things that are preserved in rock called?
a) sediment
b) fossils
c) dinosaurs
d) fungi

What does the geologic time scale show about Earth?
a) its unit
b) its grade
c) its history
d) its formation

What are the biggest blocks of time in the geologic time scale called?
a) fossils
b) eras
c) reptiles
d) organisms

What kind of event made some divisions in the geologic time scale?
a) A species died out.
b) A volcano erupted.
c) A species reappeared.
d) A species moved.

What is it called when many species suddenly die out?
a) dinosaur extinction
b) fossil extinction
c) mass extinction
d) extreme extinction

An example of a rapid change in conditions on Earth is
a) continents moving.
b) tectonic plates shifting.
c) organisms adapting.
d) a meteor striking Earth.

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