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What are the major structures within each cell that perform life functions?
a) organelles
b) organs
c) atoms
d) elements

Which of the following accurately compares plant cell vacuoles to those in animal cells?
a) Plant vacuoles store food while animal vacuoles store water.
b) Plant cells have smaller vacuoles than animal cells
c) Plant vacuoles store chlorophyll, animal vacuoles do not.
d) There is usually one large plant vacuole and more and smaller animal vacuoles.

Which of the following describes the main purpose of the vacuole?
a) digestion
b) protection
c) storage
d) movement

What is the function of the cell membrane?
a) to control what enters and leaves the cell
b) to protect and support the cell
c) to perform different functions in each cell
d) to form a hard outer covering for the cell

Which organelle is the control center of a cell?
a) mitochondria
b) ribosome
c) nucleus
d) chloroplast

What is the function of the cell wall?
a) control shape of cell
b) remove waste materials
c) make chemical energy from food
d) absorb light energy and make food

What is the process that allows salt to travel into the cell?
a) cytoplasm
b) diffusion
c) osmosis
d) equilibrium

This occurs when materials are moved from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.
a) mitosis
b) splitting
c) nucleus
d) diffusion

Which organelle contains genetic material (DNA)?
a) cytoplasm
b) cell wall
c) mitochondria
d) nucleus

Which of the following statements is NOT part of the cell theory?
a) all cells are produced from other cells
b) all living things are composed of cells
c) cells live for two to three weeks before dying
d) cells are the basic unit of structure and function of living things

Which structures needed by a plant cell are NOT found in the animal cell?
a) cell wall + chloroplasts
b) cytoplasm + cell wall
c) chloroplast + nucleus
d) cell membrane + chloroplasts

What is the diffusion of water across a membrane?
a) filtering
b) diffusion
c) sifting
d) osmosis

Why is the mitochondria often described as the “powerhouse” of the cell?
a) it makes food for the cell
b) acts as brain of cell
c) releases energy from food
d) protects cell against bacteria

What is known as the smallest unit of life?
a) organisms
b) atoms
c) cell
d) organelles

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