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1. The flowers danced in the wind. This is an example of
a) Metaphor
b) personification
c) hyperbole

Shawn is so hungry he could eat a horse.
a) metaphor
b) personification
c) hyperbole

3. His words were lava flowing from his angry mouth. This is an example of
a) Metaphor
b) personification
c) hyperbole

4. When the narrator tells his own story, from which point of view is the story told?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd

5. When Macbeth kills Duncan, what type of conflict is shown?
a) Man against nature
b) Man against man
c) Man against self

The part of the story that has conflict is known as
a) Climax
b) Exposition
c) Rising action

7. In the epic of Beowulf, the part of the journey when he defeats Grendel is known as
a) Call to Adventure
b) Refusal
c) Road of Trials

Beowulf is the
a) Protagonist
b) Antagonist
c) Villain

The sound device shown in “Trouble, Trouble, talk not to me,” is
a) Imagery
b) Onomatopoeia
c) Alliteration

Satire uses the following device:
a) Print ads
b) Mnemonic tools
c) irony

Duplin County had good wrestlers; however, they were defeated by Clinton High’s team. What type of sentence is this?
a) Simple
b) compound
c) complex

An example of a primary source document would be:
a) Ticket stubs
b) history book
c) Historical fiction

Which use of quotation marks is correct?
a) “Eleanor said, Don’t touch that”!
b) Eleanor said, “Don’t touch that”!
c) Eleanor said, “Don’t touch that!”

Which sentence uses the homonym trio to/too/two correctly?
a) Ashley went two the party.
b) Ashley went too the party.
c) Ashley went to the party.

Which is the best thesis statement for an essay about school uniforms?
a) School uniforms save money, prevent discrimination, and promote a strong academic environment.
b) School uniforms look very nice.
c) School uniforms do not allow for student to show their personal style.

The theme of a story is
a) A plot summary
b) The message an author wants the reader to learn
c) character analysis.

As you begin to fill out a job application, you should
a) Write in pencil
b) Read through the entire form first
c) Use a colorful pen color such as pink to be noticed

Courtney washed the sheets in cold water. Identify the subject and predicate.
a) A. Subject = Courtney Predicate = water
b) B. Subject = sheets Predicate = cold
c) C. Subject = Courtney Predicate = washed

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