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Which hormone does not have a reproductive gland target?
a) LH (luteinizing)
b) OT (oxytocin)
c) PRL (prolactin)
d) aldosterone

Melatonin is released by what gland?
a) anterior pituitary
b) posterior pituitary
c) pineal
d) parathyroid

Androgens are produced in what gland?
a) adrenal medulla
b) anterior pituitary
c) posterior pituitary
d) adrenal cortex

The pancreas produces...
a) glucagon and glycogen
b) insulin and glycogen
c) insulin and glucagon
d) glucagon and insilin

Thyroxine and calcitonin are produced in what gland?
a) parathyroid
b) adrenal cortex
c) thyroid
d) pineal

The adrenal medulla makes which hormones?
a) cortisol, aldosterone
b) epinephrine, norepinephrine
c) androgens, epinephrine
d) norepinephrine, aldosterone

Two hormones made by the posterior pituitary...
a) growth (GH) and antidiuretic (ADH)
b) melanocyte stimulating (MSH) and follicle stimulating (FSH)
c) oxytocin (OT) and melatonin
d) antidiuretic (ADH) and oxytocin (OT)

The thyroid gland produces:
a) parathyroid hormone (PTH)
b) thyroxine
c) aldosterone
d) melatonin

Which hormone is not made in the anterior pituitary?
a) ADH (antidiuretic)
b) PRL (prolactin)
c) ACTH (adrenocorticotropic)
d) FSH (follicle stimulating)

Which hormone has bone as a target tissue?
a) calcitonin
b) parathyroid
c) thymosin
d) they all target bone tissue

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