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Household wastewater and the wastes in it are called
a) sewage
b) flocs
c) sludge
d) gray water

What enables water to move through a system of pipes?
a) hardness
b) water pressure
c) pH
d) water quality

Why is chlorine added to drinking water?
a) chlorine improvs the taste of water
b) chlorine softens hard water
c) chlorine kills disease-causing microorganisms
d) chlorine prevents water from becoming cloudy

The amount of one substance in a certain volume of another substance is its
a) concentration
b) coagulation
c) filtration
d) desalination

Hard water contains high levels of
a) calcium and magnesium
b) escherichia coli
c) sewage
d) soapsuds

The first step in treating water from a river or lake is usually
a) chlorination
b) coagulation
c) concentration
d) filtration

Pure water is neutral, meaning it is neither an acid nor a base. Pure water has a pH of
a) 0
b) 14
c) 7
d) 10

The pH of water is a measure of its
a) saltiness
b) acidity
c) color
d) cloudiness

Which of the following is not a common source of drinking water?
a) icebergs
b) rivers
c) reservoirs
d) aquifers

Many homes that are not connected to public sanitary sewers might dispose of sewage using a(n)
a) aquifer
b) septic system
c) reservoir
d) well

A condition in which an area with normally good precipitation gets scares rainfall for a few years is a
a) drought
b) pollutant
c) floc
d) demand

Using a resource wisely so that it will not be used up is called
a) filtration
b) conservation
c) distillation
d) coagulation

The process of obtaining fresh water from salt water is called...
a) desalination
b) filtration
c) conservation
d) coagulation

Which of the following is a way to conserve water?
a) taking longer showers
b) reusing water in a factory to cool hot machinery
c) letting the water run while you brush your teeth
d) using open ditches to carry water for irrigation

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