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Which of the following is the chemical symbol for Mercury?
a) Me
b) Hg
c) M
d) Au

What element has 14 protons?
a) Nitrogen
b) Tin
c) Liamanlium
d) Silicon

What is the name of the element on the periodic table with the symbol Na?
a) Nalthium
b) Nabium
c) Sodium
d) Gold

Every atom of the same element has the same atomic number.
a) True
b) False

CH4 is the chemical formula for methane. Methane consists of which of the following elements?
a) Calcium and Hydrogen
b) Cadmium and Helium
c) Carbon and Hydrogen
d) Californium and Helium

Electrons have a ________ charge.
a) positive
b) negative
c) neutral
d) high

Which of the following is a compound?
a) Au
b) N2
c) CO2
d) Pb

All of one atom.
a) compound
b) mixture
c) element
d) period

Atoms chemically bonded.
a) compound
b) mixture
c) element
d) period

What is the atomic mass of Aluminum (Al)?
a) 26.98
b) 13
c) 12
d) 28.09

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