USI.5d Colonial Relationships With Great Britain Question Preview (ID: 22853)

Great Britain's Political And Economic Control Over The Colonies.

Why was the French and Indian War fought?
a) over the right to control the Ohio River Valley
b) over the right to enslave Indians
c) over the right to use the Mississippi River
d) over the right to trade with the Indians

The French and Indian War was fought by which two European countries?
a) France and India
b) France and Italy
c) England and India
d) England and France

Colonial _____ made laws for each colony and were monitored by colonial governors.
a) women
b) legislators
c) representatives to Parliament
d) judges

Colonial governors were appointed by the king or by the _____.
a) propritor
b) Parliament
c) General Assembly
d) Prime Minister

Colonists had to obey English laws that were enforced by _____.
a) militia men
b) the president
c) the governor
d) Congress

Colonies traded _____ for British manufactured goods.
a) capital resources
b) raw materials
c) human resources
d) Colonial manufactured goods

England imposed strict control over _____.
a) trade
b) slavery
c) farming methods
d) housing

England _____ the colonies after the French and Indian War.
a) lost
b) expanded
c) paid
d) taxed

England established and attempted to maintain _____ over the colonies.
a) peace
b) control
c) terror
d) friendship

England controlled both _____ and _____ decisions of the colonies.
a) executive and judicial
b) war and peace
c) economic and political
d) land and water

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