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group of 5 lines and 4 spaces on which music is written
a) bar lines
b) staff
c) treble clef
d) measure

The treble clef is also known as...
a) A clef
b) F clef
c) Z clef
d) G clef

The F clef is another name for....
a) bass clef
b) alto clef
c) treble clef
d) soprano clef

In 4/4 time, how long does a whole note last?
a) 1 beat
b) 2 beats
c) 3 beats
d) 4 beats

2 half notes = ?
a) 4 quarter notes
b) 2 whole notes
c) 4 eighth notes
d) 1 dotted half note

2 quarter notes = ?
a) 4 whole notes
b) 1 dotted quarter note
c) 8 eighth notes
d) 1 half note

Which note can be drawn with a flag?
a) whole note
b) eighth note
c) half note
d) quarter note

The musical symbol for silence is called what?
a) rest
b) note
c) treble clef
d) quiet

Which rest lasts the longest?
a) quarter rest
b) half rest
c) whole rest
d) eighth rest

Music is divided into groups of notes by what symbol?
a) barline
b) staff line
c) straight line
d) bass clef

The steady pulse in music is called what?
a) measure
b) beat
c) note
d) solfege

Two numbers written at the beginning of music are called what?
a) measure
b) rest
c) time signature
d) math

What do you place after a note to lengthen by half?
a) a dot
b) a rest
c) a comma
d) a line

A note with a curved line toward another note is called what?
a) a swerve
b) a phrase
c) a curve
d) a tie

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