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Which of the following has the highest viscosity?
a) Water
b) Milk
c) Honey
d) Mountain Dew

Japan, Indonesia, Caribbean Islands are all examples of an Island Arc. How do they form?
a) A hot spot under the ocean floor
b) A rift valley on the ocean floor within the mid-oceanic ridge
c) Subduction between a continental plate an oceanic plate
d) Subduction between 2 oceanic plates

As temperature decrease (colder), the viscosity of a substance will __________
a) Stay the same
b) Decrease
c) Increase

Which is the most destructive wave in an earthquake
a) P-Wave
b) S-Wave
c) Surface Wave

What type of motion does a P-Wave have?
a) Transverse
b) Logitudinal
c) Rolling
d) Neither

In a Normal Fault which direction does the Hanging Wall move?
a) Up
b) Down
c) Sideways
d) There is no hanging wall in a normal fault

Which type of stress is it where we have 2 masses of rock moving in opposite directions of each other?
a) Compression
b) Tension
c) Shearing

Which type of stress is responsible for squeezing rocks as plates push against each other
a) Compression
b) Tension
c) Shearing

A giant sea wave produced by an earthquake is called
a) Caldera
b) Seismic Wave
c) Tsunami
d) Riptide

Volcanoes built up of alternating layers of rock, particles, and lava is a ______________
a) Geyser
b) Cinder Cone Volcano
c) Shield Volcano
d) Composite Volcano

Which layer of the earth is composed of tectonic plates?
a) Lithosphere
b) Inner Core
c) Mesosphere
d) Asthenosphere

A weakened spot on the Earth’s crust formed along plate boundaries, where rocks have slipped past each other is known as......
a) Rift Valley
b) Trench
c) Fault
d) Plate Tectonic

Which of these examples is NOT a main type of fault
a) Nomal Fault
b) Strike-slip Fault
c) Reverse Fault
d) Average Fault

Area beneath Earth’s surface where an earthquake originates
a) Epicenter
b) Subduction Zone
c) Focus
d) Rift

Molten rock BELOW earth's surface is called
a) Jelly
b) Peanut Butter
c) Lava
d) Magma

Which lava will have the highest viscosity?
a) Cool lava with little silica
b) Cool lava with lots of silica
c) Hot lava with lots of silcia
d) Hot lava with little silica

The inner core is.....
a) A dense, solid ball of nickel and iron
b) A layer of molten metal
c) A layer of hot rock
d) The outermost, rock portion of the earth

Which part of the water cycle in describes rain and snow?
a) Condensation
b) Precipitation
c) Evaportation
d) Corruption

Scientist who study the forces that make shape the planet Earth are called
a) Biologist
b) Geologist
c) Physicist
d) Seismologist

Point on the surface directly above the focus
a) Richter Scale
b) Focus
c) Epicenter
d) P-scale

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