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Which of these is a FACT?
a) Elephants are the largest animals on earth.
b) Elephants feel sad when they cannot see their friends.
c) The most interesting animal on earth is the elephant.
d) I like small elephants best.

Which of these is an OPINION?
a) You will never feel bored when you are in Seoul.
b) Seoul is one of the largest cities on earth.
c) Seoul is the capital of Korea.
d) Many people live and work in Seoul.

Which reference would I use to look up a definition?
a) Dictionary
b) Thesaurus
c) Atlas
d) Encylopedia

Which reference would I use to learn more about horses?
a) Encyclopedia
b) Dictionary
c) Thesaurus
d) Atlas

Which reference would I use to find a map of South Africa?
a) Atlas
b) Encyclopedia
c) Dictionary
d) Thesaurus

Which reference would I use to look up a synonym?
a) Thesaurus
b) Dictionary
c) Encyclopedia
d) Atlas

Which reference would I use to look up an antonym?
a) Thesaurus
b) Atlas
c) Encyclopedia
d) Dictionary

Pick the correct abbreviation for this sentence: Mister Kim is a very nice person.
a) Mr.
b) MR
c) mr.
d) Mrs.

Pick the correct abbreviation for this sentence: You can cross at Old Hill Road or keep walking.
a) Rd.
b) RD
c) rd.
d) Rd

Pick the correct abbreviation for this sentence: If you have a cold, visit Doctor Smith at the ENT clinic.
a) Dr.
b) DR
c) Doc.
d) Dr

Which word has the same consonant sound as CHEF?
a) Machine
b) Chair
c) Challenge
d) Ranch

Which word has the SH consonant sound?
a) Machine
b) Chair
c) Cheer
d) Ranch

Which one of these is a MAIN IDEA?
a) Summer is the best time to go camping.
b) Most campgrounds are very busy in July, so make sure you call to reserve a place.
c) Your tent will keep out the shade, but it can't warm you up when it's cold.
d) Even with mosquitos all around, camping in the summer is very fun.

Which detail supports this main idea: Korean food is some of the best in the world.
a) Korean food is often prepared fresh, which makes it very tasty.
b) In America, there are a lot of foods with high fat and salt.
c) My mom likes Chinese food and Korean food.
d) There are many plants in Korea.

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